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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

      I had my first appointment on base at LeJeune today.  Had a lot of paperwork to fill out and had our first ultrasound done.  Makes it feel a little more real to see the baby and be able to hear it's heartbeat.  The heartbeat was 184 and it will slow down in the following weeks.  The baby is measuring about 3 days larger  so they are going to leave my due date alone.  I also then had lab work done which is always fun.  I have an appointment for next week to have a physical done.  Even more fun.
      Still feeling nauseous all the time but the medication I got is helping.  I'm a little over 10 weeks now and about a week ago I had lost about 8 pounds since getting pregnant.  Now that I've seen the ultrasound I'm excited for the rest of this pregnancy.  I'm also excited to start feeling better, which will hopefully be soon.  I've had a lot of concerns about going to the hospital on base, but we had a good experience today so hopefully that will continue.

The baby's head is down and to the left.  In the lower picture you can see a hand above the face.  The bottom picture is basically just zoomed in from the top picture.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still Figuring Things Out

      I got the results back from my blood test and it said that I'm about a week behind in my pregnancy then I thought I was.  I'm sure that is totally normal.  I'm going by the due date and progression that I have figured out. I got the referral for where I will be going for my OB appointments.  The referral is for the Naval hospital on Lejeune.  I have heard some bad things about having your baby there so I am going to go back to Tricare and see if I can go see a civilian doctor in Jacksonville like I wanted to do in the first place.  They might let me since I am outside of a certain distance to Lejeune.  Otherwise I will see if I can switch to Tricare Standard which would allow me to pick any civilian doctor that I want to that accepts Tricare.  The only problem with that is the doctor I choose might have me pay out of pocket for appointments, and that will get costly.  So hopefully going and talking to Tricare will help me get some answers and get this figured out. 
      So today I am 7 weeks.  I am pretty much nauseous all of the time and this morning it was worse.  I was much closer to actually throwing up.  I'm still hopeful it won't be as bad as when I was pregnant with Troy.  I still have a few of my anti nauseous pills so that seems to take the edge off.  If this continues then I might need to get more of those.  I have a one year old to take care of this time.  No fun when you don't feel good.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Referral Appointment

      So I had an appointment today with a family practice doctor down the road from us to get a referral to an OB/GYN.  Lucky Troy, he got to go too.  He was pretty good and everyone just thought he was adorable.  I went to the appointment thinking that I could tell the doctor which civilian OB doctor I wanted to be referred to, but that is not the case.  The doctor said she sends the referral out and the Naval Hospital on Lejeune looks at all of the women who are due during a certain time period and takes as many as they can.  Anyone they don't have room for will then get referred out to a civilian doctor.  My doctor today said that at that point I could try to go to Tricare and ask for a specific civilian doctor to switch to if I don't like the one that they have given me.  I really wanted to go to a doctor in Jacksonville, but I guess I would be happy going on base.  The doctor I had today said that have a really good OB Department there.  I'm hoping that Vince and I can maybe go check it out this weekend.  I definitely don't want to go to Moorehead City though.  I've heard from friends that the hospital there is less then desirable.
      At the appointment today they did a urine pregnancy test, which... came back positive. Whew.  They also took some blood.  Always fun.  The doctor told me that since I'm young and healthy and had a healthy pregnancy with Troy that a lot of OB doctors around here won't want to see me until I'm like 12 or 14 weeks.  That is a long time from now.  I'm almost 6 weeks.  Although she did say that in the meantime if I need anything, like help with morning sickness, that she would be my doctor.  Which is nice since she is so close to where we live, but hopefully I won't be needing her.  They told me today that the referral should take 7-10 business days.  I don't like all of the waiting.  Lets get this party started.
      So far I'm still feeling pretty good.  Still tired but nothing too bad, yet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 On February 17th I took 2 pregnancy tests that were positive.  Although Vince and I were trying to get pregnant I was shocked that I actually am pregnant.  According to an online calculator the due date is October 28th, 2012.  Since we just moved I am still trying to find a doctor and figure out our health insurance.  So no appointment has been made yet.  I am currently 4 weeks so it is still really early.  So far I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm always hungry and when I'm really hungry I tend to feel a little nauseous.  My biggest fear is getting as sick as I did with my first pregnancy and having a toddler to take care of too.  But I have friends here that I know will help me out if I need them.  
 We made a t-shirt for Troy as a way to tell people that we are expecting another baby.